Key to a Consistent, Profitable Customer Base

- Rachel Spratling

Welcome to the fourth and final blog in our mini series dedicated to entrepreneurs looking to build a profitable and sustainable business. In this final blog we focus on the importance of entrepreneurs developing the necessary skills to optimise their sales efforts and reap the full rewards.

Building A Consistent & Profitable Customer Base

From the outset of every entrepreneur’s journey, the challenge of consistently winning profitable customers is paramount. At the heart of every successful business is an ability to consistently generate the required level of target market leads and more importantly convert them into profitable and loyal customers in line with a business’ growth targets.

Whilst this sounds both simple and obvious, in practice, this is undoubtedly one of the areas that early stage businesses, in particular, find most difficult to establish. 

Successful entrepreneurs know how to develop effective strategies to generate a consistent supply of target market leads, convert them efficiently and effectively to build a customer base that simply continues to grow and grow at ever increasing rates. 

They equally understand the importance of segmenting their potential customer base and focusing their efforts on the most valuable opportunities in order to drive repeat business, increase the lifetime value of their customers and ultimately drive profits.


Having built a targeted marketing plan that includes real clarity and specificity around WHO the business is targeting, it’s vital that the business is then able to differentiate itself in the eyes of the customer through a compelling set of USP’s (unique selling propositions) and wherever possible a strong service-led GUARANTEE as well.

The most successful entrepreneurs know only too well that in order to build the trust and confidence of the buyer the key points of differentiation simply have to really matter to the customer in order to CONVERT them and more importantly RETAIN them in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage over their competition.

Sales Process 

Alongside a winning marketing plan invariably sits a great SALES PROCESS that is designed to qualify and progress prospects quickly and efficiently through to a sale. Each step of the process should be designed to have a clear set of objectives and a pre-determined set of outcomes.

The challenge many businesses have with this approach is that business owners and sales teams alike tend to be overly keen to progress prospects to the next stage of the process that they rarely qualify the prospects properly. This in turn ultimately leads to a situation of false hope and ultimate disappointment with the end result.

Consequently, the most successful businesses see the sales process as more of a  disqualification process by focusing their efforts solely on those that are most likely to buy and those that most closely match the organisation’s ideal customers. In adopting this approach consistently it is those same organizations that ultimately realise the biggest and most profitable sales month after month, year after year.

Fanatical Prospecting

Sadly many organisations simply never realise their true potential. 

The number one reason businesses fail to reach their sales targets is invariably because their pipeline is empty and the heart of this problem is a failure to prospect for the right customers consistently.

Successful entrepreneurs and eventually their teams know that in order to not underperform they need to develop the tools and techniques to fill their pipeline with high quality leads consistently. They recognise the importance of learning how to deal with resistance and objections, how to gain more appointments, start more sales conversations and ultimately convert prospects in order to grow their revenues fast.

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* The Entrepreneurial Ladder
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Streetwise Marketing* Creating a Targeted Marketing Plan
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* Building Your Marketing Campaign
* Digital Marketing
* Ladder of Loyalty
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* Sales Mastery
Team Building and Leadership* Delegation Mastery
* Building a Winning Team
* 10 top tips on leadership
Systems and Leverage* Leverage

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