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Failure Is Not An Option

- Rachel Spratling

Welcome to our latest blog in our mini series dedicated to ensuring “early stage” entrepreneurs build a profitable and sustainable business. In this third blog we focus on more specifically on the importance of developing real clarity on where the business is heading and a real sense of purpose alongside the areas that every successful entrepreneur needs to master in order to be successful.

Avoiding The Pitfalls

Whether you’re at the start of your entrepreneurial journey or already well on your way, the challenges associated with building a profitable and sustainable business, irrespective of the industry sector, are often considerable. 

At the heart of every entrepreneur’s start-up dream is the old quote that simply states….  

Failure is not an option and yet why is it that so many fail to realise their full potential?

All too often entrepreneurs start their journey without real clarity as to their DESTINATION. Similarly, many entrepreneurs rapidly lose sight of and/or forget not only where they were heading but more importantly WHY they were heading there in the first place. 

As the phrase goes…  “if you don’t know where you are heading, how will you know when you’ve got there?”

Ironically – very few entrepreneurs would dream of building a house without a detailed set of plans drawn up without the help of an expert and yet why is it so few entrepreneurs (a) have any sort of written plan and (b)  any sort of plan compiled with the help of someone more experienced than themselves?

Destination Mastery

Successful entrepreneurs all recognise the importance of investing in detailed planning using recognised business planning tools such as SWOT & PEST to create real clarity around the company’s vision, mission and performance goals in the form of;

  • 5 year long-term strategic plans featuring the company’s BHAG, core values, brand promise & KPI’s
  • Annual plans featuring the company’s key initiatives, actions, & KPI’s
  • 90 day plans featuring the company’s critical numbers, KPIs, company priorities 


One of the most common pitfalls that entrepreneurs make is that they often don’t have enough clarity around the organisation’s purpose and/or fail to share it with prospects and customers alike.

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circles (see below) perfectly demonstrates his point that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Equally as entrepreneurs your Number 1 goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have, the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe. 

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As businesses grow, they invariably face some very specific challenges. Understanding how best to address them, in what order, whilst also identifying the opportunities associated with these challenges is a critical part of unlocking your business’ true potential.

Financial Mastery

Alongside a great commitment to planning successful entrepreneurs recognise the critical need for a strong financial awareness and robust controls within their business. 

Sadly far too many business owners struggle because they have no ability to make decisions, due to a genuine lack of financial information and their failure to understand the importance of both historic and future numbers in their business. 

Without simple tools such as a budget, a cashflow forecast and a basic financial dashboard highlighting key indicators such as the business’ break-even point, its gross and net margins, alongside details of the business’ sales pipeline the challenges become greater still and the chances of success harder still to realise.

No entrepreneur likes making mistakes let alone costly ones. In addition to the obvious financial cost implications the time entrepreneurs are forced to commit to resolving common pitfalls is invariably considerable.

To avoid these common mistakes when establishing and growing their businesses successful entrepreneurs invest their time in learning what it takes to establish and maintain a successful, sustainable and profitable commercial venture from the get go saving themselves both time, money and vast periods of stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

By investing in our Online Growth Accelerator Membership Programme you can learn how to avoid the common pitfalls and all of the skills you need to build a profitable commercial enterprise for yourself. You’ll have access to all of the tools that our successful One to One and numerous Group Coaching Programmes provide at a fraction of the cost and enjoy the flexibility of learning at a time and in an environment that suits you best.

Too Many Hats & Not Enough Time 

In the early stages of running and building a successful business one of the most common challenges for entrepreneurs is the fact that they’re having to wear multiple hats all of the time.

Having successfully navigated the launch phase they’re often still responsible for all of the key functions across the business, namely Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations.

The primary challenge then becomes one of time and prioritising where to focus first. 

As Michael Gerber pointed out in his celebrated bestseller The E-Myth Revisited, SME business owners typically begin their entrepreneurial journey from one of 3 backgrounds, namely;

  • Technician i.e. they’re an operational expert in a particular line of work
  • Manager i.e. they’ve been a manager in a specific industry
  • Entrepreneur i.e. they’ve massed funds to invest in new ventures

In all 3 cases, however, the business owner is rarely an expert in more than one or two functions and hence managing tasks in the others take considerable amounts of time until such time as they learn how to be proficient in all of the other areas.

Successful entrepreneurs recognise that time is without a doubt their most valuable asset. They understand that Entrepreneurship is all about the ability to convert knowledge and effort into money through the investment of their time into value-add activities. 

They equally recognise that there is no such thing as Time Management. They recognise that in reality, it’s all about self mastery in so far as it’s all about where entrepreneurs choose to invest their time. 

The most successful entrepreneurs manage to spend most of their time in what is commonly referred to as The Zone focusing on Important tasks that add real value to the organisation as opposed to tasks that have simply become urgent. They successfully avoid getting distracted and maximise the returns from the hours that they invest in their work.

Conversely, many entrepreneurs who lack the clarity and focus from the outset find themselves wearing every hat in the business, working excessive hours and therefore finding little or no time to work on the business let alone spend time with family and friends.

Systemise the 80% & Humanize the 20%

As well as investing significant time and effort into developing robust business, financial and targeted marketing plans, successful entrepreneurs also invest heavily in systemising their businesses from the outset. They learn the benefits of Systemising the 80% & humanizing the remaining 20%.

In one of his better books (“Instant Systems”), Action Coach’s Brad Sugars summarizes the 9 Steps to systematizing a successful business, more specifically through;

  1. Vision Statement
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Culture Statemen
  4. SMART Goals
  5. Organisation Chart
  6. Positional Contracts
  7. KPI’s
  8. How to Systems
  9. Management Systems

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