How Much Would You Bet On Your Business?

- Simon Buck

What odds you would give your business?

Are you odds on favourite to deliver and succeed or a 100:1 outsider? Would you happily see your friends and family bet their life savings on your business or feel more comfortable with a £5 spread bet?

So if you’re not 100% confident about your business, why not?

Is it that you don’t know your market well enough to know you can succeed, that you don’t know if what your offer is what the marketplace wants, that you don’t have the best people around you to help you or sustain your long term position or you just don’t have a plan in place to see a route to success.

Whatever you need to do to be a sure bet do something about it. If you doubt your future then how much of that resinates to your team and your marketplace.

To be a gold cup winner come and have a chat about whats either not working or whats not being made enough of to be next years odds on favourite.

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