How To Create a High Performance Organisation

- Simon Buck

A very warm welcome to our latest blog . Today’s blog is the first part of two blogs that look into how ambitious entrepreneurs create a high performance organisation.

In today’s first blog we focus on how successful scale up entrepreneurs build and align strategy, structure, systems with staffing, skills, style and shared values to really leverage their organizational effectiveness.

Whilst many entrepreneurs develop their organisations to a point where they’re ready to exploit the JUMP phase it’s a very small minority (less than 4%) that ever manage to really unlock that true potential and enjoy the considerable financial and personal benefits brought about by successfully scaling a business.

Similarly, as entrepreneurs enter the FLY phase with a view to exiting their business it’s worth remembering that in the UK, industry estimates suggest that less than 11% of businesses listed for sale in any given year actually sell and the percentage that is sold in line with the seller’s expectations of value is smaller still.

In summary – very few ambitious entrepreneurs achieve either of the above outcomes and even fewer still achieve it without the help of an experienced coach/mentor.  

Today – it’s widely accepted by successful entrepreneurs committed to scaling and exiting their businesses that there are considerable benefits (financially, emotionally and personally) from investing in help and support from an experienced third-party with a proven track record of success.

Consequently – the quickest, smartest and most practical way of unlocking your business’ scale-up potential and/or maximising your business’ asset value prior to its sale is to invest in hands-on support from an experienced business coaching consultancy with a demonstrable track record of helping its clients do exactly that! 

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If you are ready to make that important decision to JUMP  and scale your business then you will need the help of an experienced entrepreneur and coach so you can benefit from all of their knowledge, strategic and operational expertise along with their hands-on practical support and advice, accountability, challenge and objectivity. 

Together you’ll implement systems and processes, develop and/or hire some of the very best talents to drive your organisation’s growth even harder, whilst building your own knowledge and expertise in order to accelerate your growth from a revenue, margin and ultimately an asset value perspective.

This fundamental shift from a profit-first orientation to more of an asset creation approach will not only fuel your business’ current growth rates, its future trading capabilities and value but also your personal wealth, resulting in greater financial freedom, greater control over your own destiny, the ability to spend more time doing the things you enjoy and an overarching sense of fulfilment and achievement.  

As one of the UK’s scale-up organisations, you’ll join an exclusive group of businesses that continue to enjoy annual revenue increases well in excess of 20%. We will help you increase your annual operating profits at a similar rate alongside increasing your asset value by increasing scale well in excess of 50% year after year.

Equally, by successfully working together with your coach you will be able to develop the appropriate FLY strategies that in turn will maximise your organisation’s value ahead of a successful sale, thus enabling your personal wealth to be greater than it has ever been and as a result of this financial freedom, you will enjoy unparalleled opportunities.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur who is focused on either Scaling Up or preparing to exit your business we know how challenging the road ahead can be.

We know that moving forward quickly and efficiently is crucial to you.

At the same time we know how important it is that you develop the strategy, structure and systems to allow your business to (a) scale and (b) realise its maximum value when it is sold is critical. 

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As businesses grow, they invariably face some very specific challenges. Understanding how best to address them, in what order, whilst also identifying the opportunities associated with these challenges is a critical part of unlocking your business’ true potential.

Having helped 1000’s of other businesses do just that, we understand how important it is for business owners to learn how to make the right decisions in a timely manner as the magnitude and complexity of these decisions increases.

By working One to One with one of our growth experts we will help you navigate these challenges both quickly and efficiently and ensure that you reach your goals.

Experience has taught us that the most ambitious entrepreneurs invest in One to One Executive Coaching Programme as a means of accelerating their growth and ensuring that they reap the massive rewards that they always strived for.

Time and time again we are told by ambitious business owners that are looking for significant results in ever decreasing periods of time that they really value the objectivity that working One to One brings. Alongside the access to a world-class coach with proven tools and techniques they see massive benefits in having someone help them apply them in their businesses too. Similarly, they regularly tell us that the accountability and support from a seasoned entrepreneur are critical factors in accelerating their success.

Successful entrepreneurs across the globe recognise that in order to unlock their business’ true potential there are 7 key factors (as outlined in Mckinsey’s 7S Framework) that have to be in place. More importantly, all 7 factors need to work in conjunction with one another in order to create a  high performance organisation that is able to scale.

The 7 factors are as follows:

1. Strategy

Successful organisations need to compete in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. So, the strategy needs to respond to this with agility. Organisations must constantly adapt strategies to succeed.


Successful organisations adopt an organisational structure that allows them to scale whilst retaining strong levels of control exercised through delegated responsibility. The structure, in turn, helps people understand who is accountable and responsible for specific tasks and results.

3. Systems

Successful organisations equally create robust processes and procedures that people top ensure the quality and consistency of activities across the organisation. They also invest in software systems to automate activities, processes and procedures to bring about greater operational efficiencies.

4. Skills

Successful organisations are also built around great people who possess the necessary skills to deliver the organisation’s growth strategy. Having the right skills to deliver the strategy is vital and skills gaps can pose a risk to achieving cost competitiveness objectives.

5. Style

Also referred to as culture, this represents the way things are done and, particularly, the way the leadership team conducts itself in the organisation. The business owner’s leadership’s style will greatly influence how the rest of the employees behave. Therefore, if the leadership visibly embraces, champions and demonstrates the  right  behaviours, then people around the organisation will typically follow.


The extent to which any organisation scales is invariably linked to its talent pool. It is vital that the organisation possesses the right talent in each area to optimise organisational capability and capacity.

7.Shared Values

Finally, it’s crucial that in any scale-up organisation the right values exist. Fundamentally these values should encapsulate the organisation’s purpose or its societal mandate. The organisation’s purpose tends to remain a fundamental constant over time and this purpose shapes the organisation’s values.

McKinsey 7S Framework

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We hope that you’ve found today’s blog useful and informative. DON’T MISS the second and final part of this mini series about creating a high performance organisation. In our next blog we focus on the importance of entrepreneurs developing the necessary FOCUS, CLARITY and ACTION to unlock their true potential by creating a high performance organisation.

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