If the only strategy you had to grow your business was a …

- Simon Buck

It’s interesting that sometimes the more we have available to us to grow our businesses the harder it becomes. Multichannel marketing is a fundamental part of growing any business, where are all the places I need to be seen and what do I need to say to my prospects. But with so much available to us its sometimes worth taking a step back and asking the question…

If I could only use X to grow my business what would I do?

I recently used this approach with a food comapny. They had DM, telesales, brochure requests, WOM, delivery drivers, social media, and so it goes on.

I asked the question, “if all you had available to you to grow next year was your drivers, what would you do?” It was a fascinating exercise. When you remove the noise of everything you could do and then narrow it down to a restraint, businesses start to get very creative.

What if you could only grow using the phone, what would you say, how many calls would you make, to whom?

What if you could only grow using you existing customers? How many referral strategies would you now have in place, how many of them would be asked back a little more often and offered the full range of products or service not just the ones they last bought.

Sometimes standing back and reducing your marketing strategies will give you far better results than trying to do everything. Have a think about it, then get in touch to stretch your current thinking.

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