Secrets To Unlocking Your Business’ True Potential

- Simon Buck

A very warm welcome to our latest blog . In today’s blog we discuss the many myths around successful entrepreneurs and their individual entrepreneurial journeys.

As ambitious business owners, we are all fascinated by others and their individual success stories. Be it international sports stars or serial entrepreneurs we are all desperate to understand the secrets behind their successes.

Contrary to the many myths around successful entrepreneurs and their individual entrepreneurial journeys these entrepreneurs are rarely born with the necessary skills, let alone the knowledge to create a winning business.

Like the top athletes, most successful entrepreneurs recognise the need to have great coaches/mentors. They all recognise the importance of learning what it takes to succeed, what it takes to navigate the numerous challenges and ensure their respective businesses realise their true potential.

For many years the traditional business growth stages have been widely discussed by both academics and business studies students alike. However this traditional analysis of what stage a business is at does little to provide any real insight into the very real challenges facing entrepreneurs at the coal face. 

Consequently at Chalkhill Blue we’ve created our own methodology for assessing businesses based on their specific challenges. Our Milestone Survey allows us to not only assess a business based upon its specific challenges but also to understand the diverse range of emotions that invariably accompany the daily challenges that successful entrepreneurs experience along the way.

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As businesses grow, they invariably face some very specific challenges. Understanding how best to address them, in what order, whilst also identifying the opportunities associated with these challenges is a critical part of unlocking your business’ true potential.

Our unique survey categorises businesses into one of four distinct phases, namely: SWIM / RUN /  JUMP / FLY based upon the specific challenges that those businesses are facing alongside their respective growth ambitions. 

Based upon the different phases above, if you are one of those entrepreneurs that want to scale up and grow turnover by 20%+ year after year, enjoy market-leading gross (70%+) and net profits (20%+)  are you clear about what is required? Have you got a great coach/mentor to help you unlock your true potential? If the answer is  No then isn’t it about time you too explored how One to One Coaching could accelerate your business’ growth potential?

Similarly – if you’re hoping to build a business that you can ultimately sell, have you ever wondered why less than 11% of businesses listed for sale in the UK are ever sold? If you have never built a business with the aim of maximising its value and then sold it isn’t it about time you found an experienced coach/mentor that by working together One to One can leverage all of their experience and ensure that you are able to do exactly that?

Our One to One high-performance coaching is all about helping ambitious entrepreneurs and their organisations reach their full potential. 

Similarly, if you are one of those entrepreneurs that prefer to have expert advice on hand with the added support of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs working alongside them then a tailor-made Group Coaching / Mentoring Programme may suit you better. 

Whether you are the CEO/Owner of a multi-million pound organisation, a dynamic scale-up organisation or an SME with a desire to accelerate your growth we have got an ideal solution for you.

What’s more – even if you are just at the start of your entrepreneurial journey or have been struggling to really establish your business for a while now, the opportunity to work with leading growth experts is not beyond your reach either in a flexible and cost effective manner.

Having helped 1000’s early stage entrepreneurs we know that the challenges of wearing too many hats, not enough time, building a consistent and profitable customer base whilst balancing the all too common cash constraints are often the hardest.

Consequently, we created our Online Growth Accelerator Membership Programme to specifically help early stage entrepreneurs learn quickly and ensure that they were well placed to develop their respective businesses to their full potential.

As successful business owners in their own right, our growth experts have all been sat exactly where you’re sitting right now and understand the challenges of scaling a business only too well.

Working One to One with a growth expert you will learn how to both create and then successfully navigate rapid growth in both revenue & margin. You’ll develop your commercial and strategic acumen whilst building a winning team. You’ll learn how to build a team that is engaged and able to grow with you so as to ensure that the business is able to exploit new market and territory opportunities whilst also recognising when it is right to abandon less profitable products/services in favour of new, higher value/margin ones.

For entrepreneurs like you looking to reach their goals with minimum delay, One to One Coaching is undoubtedly the FASTEST way to develop the clarity, focus as to what is required and most PROFITABLE route to delivering the desired RESULTS

For many entrepreneurs, the challenge of running and growing their business on their own is all too often a lonely journey.

Working One to One with a recognised growth expert is without a doubt a massive benefit. However for some entrepreneurs, the additional support and encouragement from a community of like-minded business owners with similar challenges is invaluable too. By combining the support & guidance of an award-winning coach with a network of other ambitious entrepreneurs for some it is exactly what’s needed to ensure that they’re able to scale their business to the next level.

Consequently – if you don’t feel as though One to One coaching is right for you at this stage in your entrepreneurial journey, don’t procrastinate, take MASSIVE ACTION to build the business you always dreamed of and become a part of our tailor-made Group Coaching Programmes.

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For the majority of entrepreneurs at the start of their entrepreneurial journey, the big question is, by launching a business, have they created a profitable and sustainable business, or have they simply bought themselves a job?  

Developing the knowledge to scale and grow a business, whilst avoiding the many pitfalls is critical. However, in these early stages, both time and financial resources are often in short supply.

Consequently, the benefits of building the necessary knowledge to succeed at a time and place that suits the entrepreneur best is often a stumbling block that results in many favouring an online growth programme.

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