The importance of reflection for business owners

- Simon Buck

There are many things business owners do well but sometimes we are so busy doing we forget to take time to reflect.

Reflection is seen by some as a bit “fluffy” and as a business coach I don’t do fluffy. I do structure, sales, marketing, strategy and hard line profit numbers – or thats what I thought I did. The most powerful thing about coaching is the time to pause, time to review, the time to reflect.

With the pace required to run a business the regular pause that coaching facilitates is often the most important and strategic time a business owner spends each week, time invested to consider what they have done, whats working, whats not, why they reacted that way and what they would do differently if they had the time again. 

Reflection is extremely powerful, we rarely take the time out to consider what we have done or what we should be doing. I am often told the biggest change in the businesses and the business owners I work with is their mindset, not something I set out to influence but one I’m grateful I have. I have seen people fall back in love with their businesses, get a passion for what they do again, believe they “can” when they thought they “couldn’t” and facilitate a “freedom of choice” in thier business through reflection and change.

Take 10 minutes out a week and just sit somewhere quiet to reflect…

The most important things you will ever say are too yourself, about yourself when you are by yourself.

Happy reflecting.

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