Urgency isn’t the same as being pushy!

- Simon Buck

Urgency in Business is Key

Its not being pushy if you do it for all the right reasons. 

I was having my coaching session last night (yes I have a coach too) and we got onto the subject of urgency.

In the Uk we don’t like to feel like we are being pushed into things, and that I completely understand because nor do I unless however the urgency is because my business or life will be better. There is a fundamental difference between urgency and pressure, particularly when I see so many business owners and senior teams putting things off and delaying actions that will have a fundamental impact on the positive. 

I meet lots of business owners, and this is what I hear… 

  • “Yes I’ll look at that” 
  • “Yes I want to go ahead but next month will be better for me”
  • “I’ll do that soon”
  • “I’ve been meaning to do that”
  • “Sounds like a great idea but I’m too busy at the moment” (my favourite, too busy to be less busy, too busy to be better off!)

Sound familiar? Heard any of these before? When did you last say one?

So why do we put it off, why would we wait until later to improve something, why would we delay something that improves something, makes us more money, saves us more time, simplifies our lives? There can only be one reason, we aren’t sure if it will work. If it worked we’d be doing it, right?

I’m a coach, I make people more money than they invest in me and make businesses easier to run whilst spending less time in their businesses, why wouldn’t you want that? Because we are hard wired to be sceptical, its a defence mechanism, but how about if rather than spending all our time thinking about why something won’t work we focussed on what if it could. Would we really wait to make the changes?

As a coach I don’t want to see people stay where they are, I want them to realise their full potential, so I push for urgency, urgency to take action and urgency to make a decision. That’s not pushy, that’s caring about my client or prospects and helping them achieve what they want. 

I’ve never met anyone who said I’m glad I waited all that time to take action or make change, they always say, I wish I’d met you earlier and wish I’d taken action earlier. We get used to where we are, what we have, what we believed can be achieved, stop it, start thinking bigger, better and with less work to achieve it. 

Let’s all stop being British, make decisions, take actions and make change… now, not sometime soon.

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