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Navigating Transparency: When and how to inform your team about selling the business

- Chris Spratling

Deciding to sell a business is a significant and often complex decision that involves strategic planning, meticulous execution, and careful consideration of various stakeholders. One critical aspect of this process is deciding when and how to communicate the decision to your team. Timing and transparency are key factors in ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining a positive work environment.

Over the years I’d like to think that I’ve learnt some of the best practices for informing your team about the sale of the business while also managing some of the potential risks associated with premature disclosure.

Timing is Strategic

Timing plays a crucial role in announcing the sale of your business to your team. While transparency is valued, there are risks associated with informing your team too early in the process. Announcing the sale before the deal is done can create uncertainty and anxiety among employees. Deals in the business world can be intricate and subject to unforeseen changes. Premature disclosure may lead to unnecessary stress and speculation, potentially affecting employee morale and productivity.

The Risks of Premature Disclosure

a. Employee Uncertainty: If the deal is in the early stages and not yet certain, informing your team might lead to increased uncertainty among employees. They may be left with unanswered questions about the future of the company, their roles, and job security.

b. Competitor Reactions: Premature disclosure can alert competitors and other stakeholders to the potential changes in your business. This may result in strategic manoeuvres or actions that could impact the success of the deal.

c. Negotiation Dynamics: Announcing the sale before the deal is finalised may impact the negotiation dynamics. The buyer could perceive a weakened position if employees are aware of the potential sale. This could potentially influence the terms and conditions of the deal.

d. Employee Departures: The uncertainty surrounding a potential sale may lead key employees to explore other opportunities. Talent retention becomes a challenge when individuals fear the unknown or anticipate changes that could affect their roles.

Optimum Timing for Employee Communication

a. After Key Milestones: Consider informing your team after reaching key milestones in the negotiation process. This ensures a higher level of certainty and reduces the risk of unexpected setbacks.

b. Upon Definitive Agreement: Ideally, the team should be informed when a definitive agreement has been reached, and the likelihood of the deal going through is significantly increased. This provides a more concrete and stable foundation for communication.

c. Strategic Point in Due Diligence: Choose a strategic point in the due diligence process where the potential buyer has committed substantial resources and is committed to completing the deal.

Balancing Transparency & Stability

While transparency is crucial, maintaining stability within the organisation is equally important. Striking a balance between these two objectives ensures that employees are informed at a point when the deal is likely to proceed, reducing uncertainty and mitigating potential negative impacts on the workforce.

Next Steps:

Deciding when to inform your team about the sale of the business is a nuanced decision that involves weighing the benefits of transparency against the risks of premature disclosure. While transparency is valued, the potential risks associated with informing your team before the deal is done highlight the need for strategic timing. By choosing the optimal moment, you can foster a positive and stable work environment during the transition, ensuring that your team is well-prepared for the changes ahead.

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