Why Do Successful Entrepreneurs Invest in Expert Advice

- Chris Spratling

Welcome to our fourth and final blog in our recent series all about how successful entrepreneurs recognise the importance of focusing on key revenue, margin, cashflow drivers alongside robust systems and processes in order to really scale up and build asset value.

Today’s final blog in the series concentrates on why those same successful scale up entrepreneurs and those that manage to build great asset value with regards to an eventual exit frequently chose to invest in expert third-party advice.

By working together on with a one-to-one business coach you’ll meet regularly and have unlimited access to your chosen coach/mentor. By working together, you’ll learn how to navigate ever more complex and bigger challenges, learn how to deploy systems, tools and processes that will accelerate the achievement of your goals and learn what it takes to not only grow yourself and your business year in year out but also consistently stay ahead of your competition. 

With your trusted advisor at your side day in and day out, helping you achieve your goals you will benefit most notably from the following… 


Your coach/mentor will use all of their experience to bring another pair of objective eyes to bear by looking at your business, your actions and your decisions.  They will identify your blind spots, and act as a sounding board whilst recognising your potential and ensuring that you develop a plan to realise it. 

Access to World Class Resource

Your coach/mentor will leverage all of their experience on your behalf, ensuring that you are using the very best systems, tools and techniques to address all of these areas efficiently and effectively. 


Unlike your employees, there is rarely anyone to keep you – the business owner accountable. Your coach/mentor will not only help you build a winning plan but also keeps you accountable for delivering it.


Most importantly of all, your coach/mentor will help you get RESULTS

Whether you’re looking to significantly increase the business’ profits, the business’ asset value or simply increase your personal drawings, your dedicated growth expert will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

By hiring an experienced growth expert with a proven track record of success you will have an expert providing hands-on support to help you to stay on track, build the business that you deserve and ensure you become the leader you’ve always striven to be.

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneurs looking to accelerate the growth of your business, scale it or even exit it, One to One support from one of our growth experts is without a doubt an excellent opportunity for you to  unlock your business’ true potential  

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Systems, alongside the operational and strategic planning challenges within today’s ever more competitive marketplace. 

By working One to One with an experienced advisor with a proven track record of success they will ensure that you have access to and use the very best systems, tools and techniques to ensure you unlock your business’ true potential.

Irrespective of what stage of your entrepreneurial journey you’re at, you will already know that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely existence. You’re often expected to know all the answers without necessarily having previously experienced the challenges that you face. Having a safe environment to share concerns and help bring clarity to options that are available is no longer seen as a luxury, it’s the competitive advantage that’s needed in today’s business landscape. 

One to One Coaching/Mentoring provides you with an experienced second set of eyes on the business, supporting you in your decision making process and allowing you to bounce your ideas off someone who doesn’t have the emotional attachment that you might have that can cloud judgement. 

Working alongside your experienced advisor you’ll look at the current obstacles or opportunities and together find the best way forwards. You’ll develop the necessary skills to evaluate the ever more complex situations you increasingly find yourself faced with. You’ll similarly develop the clarity of thinking alongside the ability to focus on what is important, both operationally & strategically, as opposed to those previously all too common non-value add tasks that had simply become urgent.  

Through the hands-on support of your coach/mentor, you’ll develop the necessary skills that ensure that the quality of your thinking, the quality of your decision-making and ultimately the quality of your actions ensure that you unlock the true potential in your business.

By investing in One to One support, years of experience tells us that you’ll not only maximise your results but also reach your goals far quicker than you might through another route.

World Class Resources

The challenges of running, growing and even exiting a successful business are both considerable and in many cases time consuming too. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you have to manage your team, your customers, your sales & marketing, your finances and your s that you are able to scale your business in the most efficient and effective manner.

You’ll have access to not just their considerable experience but also practical help & advice to design, build, procure and implement the right systems and tools for your business.

Whatever challenges you face, be they;

  • Strategic challenges
  • Financial challenges
  • Structural challenges
  • Leadership challenges
  • Management challenges 
  • Systems or Process challenges

by investing in One to One support your trusted advisor will be able to not only recommend a suite of suitable tools but more importantly still will be able to provide you with practical, hands-on support to both select and then implement the right tools and techniques for you and your business.

Working One to One with one of our experts you’ll have access to an invaluable asset that is able to help you decide which routes are the most suitable, feasible and attractive for you and your business. 

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As an ambitious entrepreneur, unlike your employees, there is rarely anyone to keep you – the business owner accountable. 

By working One to One with a great coach/mentor they will focus you on achieving results, hitting your goals on time, alongside achieving them within budget so as to ensure that you unlock your business’ true potential.

By working with someone who has helped 1000’s of other successful entrepreneurs you’ll have One on One access to someone who simply knows what it takes to succeed despite ever more competitive market conditions across multiple industries and industry sectors.

By keeping you accountable, your trusted advisor will challenge your thinking, encourage you to operate outside of your comfort zone and ultimately help you to perform at a far higher level to achieve bigger, better and faster results.

Having helped you develop your winning plan  they’ll hold you accountable and ensure that you maintain the necessary Clarity and Focus on your goals and execute your agreed Action Plan with speed and accuracy so as to avoid costly mistakes.

They’ll support you and drive you in equal measure to deliver the agreed business goals. 

Most importantly of all, they’ll leverage all of their experience to ensure you get the RESULTS that you desire.

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As businesses grow, they invariably face some very specific challenges. Understanding how best to address them, in what order, whilst also identifying the opportunities associated with these challenges is a critical part of unlocking your business’ true potential.

We hope that you enjoyed our recent series of blogs. DON’T FORGET that all of our previous blogs and loads of free tools are on our website for you to enjoy too. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for our next blog which is coming soon and all about how successful scale ups build and align strategy, structure, systems with staffing, skills, style and shared values to really leverage their organizational effectiveness and create a high performance organisation.

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