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Why feedback is gutsy but essential

- Simon Buck

The right way to give feedback

The only thing that matters when working with a business owner is if they are getting value from working with an executive coach. That value can be very personal, profitability, simplicity of running the business, work life balance or personal growth.

Its the same with your customers, you either create a benefit or you don’t, and that benefit needs to be felt by your customers.

We coach to deliver what the business owner is looking to achieve, not what we think the business can achieve. 

With the above in mind, the Smith and Henderson NPS score scheme (Net Promoter Score) is a worldwide standardised approach to measure value and customer satisfaction.

With NPS there is no “maybe”, it’s “yes” or “no”.

NPS is derived from one question which is a true measure of value. The question is “would you recommend company “x” to a friend of family member”? It’s a true test of your advocacy of a service. Customers are asked to score 1-10 and it translates below as a percentage.

The overall NPS score is based on a numbering systems where 1-6 is a detractor 7-8 is a neutral and 9-10 is a promoter. A promoter is worth +1 as they would clearly refer you, a passive is worth 0 as its not clear they would refer you and a detractor is worth -1 as they wouldn’t refer you. 

e.g you can ask 4 people for feedback and have 2 people score you a 6, 1 person an 8 and 1 person a 9 and have a score of -2 (-1 detractor + -1 detractor + 0 passive + 1 promoter)

So would you consider asking your clients the same question? It’s brave but better to know and be able to do something about it than not know until they leave you. 

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