Business Coaching

Key Points

Guaranteed Results
Access to World Class Resources
Accountability and Objectivity

Commercial Acumen

Achieve your business vision with support from our team of Award Winning Business Coaches.

Strategic Expertise

Advice and strategies that will help you take control of your business, deliver results, and drive your
business to the next level.

Realising the Dream

Make business ownership fun and inspirational while giving you the time for family and friends.

Business growth notes

Introduction to Business Coaching

When a person decides to start a business, it’s often because they identify a niche in the market that could be filled with a product or service they can provide - often exceptionally so.

Over time the business develops into a much larger entity
with characteristics that require greater focus, time and attention. Facets such as governance, sales and marketing, financial management or employment come to the fore.

Most often, business owners don't turn to business coaching companies, and attempt to manage these areas of their business on their own. This is often with limited resources (financial and human), little experience of doing so and not enough time to really understand the business. Running the business then becomes a challenge,and more importantly, is no longer fun, becoming a drain on the motivation to keep going.
Business growth results

How Business Coaching can help

Our Business Coaching programmes provide ambitious business owners with the systems and insight they need to meet the challenges of business ownership head on – and smash them!

We offer business coaching and consulting to suit your needs and the requirements of your business, so you have the support and guidance to achieve the vision you have for your business and the legacy you want to leave.

We’ll help you decide which business coaching course is best for you, whether it’s One-to-One with your own dedicated coach, or group programmes where you can engage and learn with like-minded business owners who have the same ambition as you.

Follow this link to see how business coaching has helped our clients:
Business growth

The Benefits of Business Coaching

You’ll rise to the challenge of running your business, and be accountable to it, with the advice and expertise of our business coaches who have been there before and know what it takes to ensure you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Our Business Coaches will provide the answers to your questions and work with you to implement proven strategies to grow your business.

Business ownership can be a lonely process – it doesn’t have to be! Our Chalkhill Blue Business Coaches will be on hand to ensure running and developing your business is fun, inspirational and provides you with the flexibility to live a life outside of your business too!

Client Testimonials

“Chalkhill Blue are sharp, entrepreneurial and strategic. I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Richard Breedon

Chief Executive, MEED.
“sharp business acumen, remarkable strategic agility and a genuine bias for action & getting things done”

Adrian Cojocaru

Managing Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
“They instinctively understand the business of business. They have an uncanny ability to get to the heart of a problem and grasp detail. I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Matt Dacey

Director, GTI Media
“Revenues have grown dramatically as has our overall profitability.”

Mark Blokland

Ridgeway Medispa
“bold, decisive and committed to getting the best possible solution.”

Suzanne Coleman

Golley Slater
“insightful business coaching which enabled our management team to understand each other better and work together more productively.”

Peter Teague

Chairman, UK Solidworks
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