HR Hislop Electrical Contracting: Navigating unprecedented challenges and coming out bigger & stronger

- Rachel Spratling

HR Hislop Electrical Contracting is a full service electrical contractor. They are able to help domestic customers with the smallest of jobs, sub contract for larger scale building firms and take on complex commercial work. Founded in early 2009 by Harry Hislop, the company has seen significant growth. From making its first hire in 2011, to taking on five or six new team members each year.

A year or two before the pandemic, Harry decided to work with a business coach to develop structure & processes and further improve performance. He chose Chalkhill Blue’s Rachel Spratling.

It proved an inspired choice. For when coronavirus struck and lockdown was announced, with Rachel’s help the company has leapt forward, taking every challenge in its stride and putting itself in a strong position to further growth.

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