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A very warm welcome and congratulations on joining The Business Growth Accelerator Programme and 100’s of other ambitious entrepreneurs who, like you, are embarking on a proven business education programme specifically designed to help you learn how to scale your business and avoid the many costly and time consuming pitfalls along the way.

The Online Growth Accelerator Programme has been designed to help you;

  • develop real clarity around your current and future challenges,
  • learn where you should focus your time and resources
  • build and action a winning plan for your business.

Your world-class Programme is made up of 20 tailor-made lessons to ensure that you develop the knowledge, tools and techniques to build a successful, profitable business that allows you to enjoy;

  • Rapid growth in both revenue and margin
  • A more consistent pipeline of target-market customers
  • Higher value customers / clients
  • Greater levels of repeat business
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Improved operational systems, processes and procedures
  • A more effective team
  • A significantly better work: life balance
  • Greater levels of personal reward & satisfaction

Every 14 days you will receive access to your next in-depth lesson that you’re then able to watch at a time and place that suits you best. Equally, having enjoyed a lesson once you’re able to watch each lesson over and over again within the lifetime of your membership.

To support you throughout each lesson we’ve produced a range of useful tools to improve your learning and help you accelerate your growth plans so don’t forget to download these as you go through each of the lessons. Experience has taught us that they’re tools that you’ll undoubtedly want to use again and again.

As if that wasn’t’ enough don’t forget that unlike many other online courses your membership affords you exclusive access to our team of award winning coaches via your fortnightly live Q&A webinars.

Here’s to your success!

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