Video Testimonials

Ginger Video: Case Study

Here Jo and Neil, directors of Ginger Video, describe how working with Chalkhill Blue helped them to formulate a business plan and put a solid structure into their business.

Dynamiq Management Ltd: Case Study

Here Rob Cao from Dynamiq Management Ltd explains how Chalkhill Blue supported him through expanding his business and gave him the confidence to "dare to dream".

Alfresco: Case Study

Here Mark Toovey (MD of Alfresco) describes his Chalkhill Blue journey, and how working with our team of experts has helped him with both his business development, and his personal development.

Jackie Kerr Recruitment: Case Study

Here Jackie Kerr describes her journey so far with Chalkhill Blue - the results are incredible. Why not start your Chalkhill Blue Journey with us today?

Ginger Video: Testimonial

Here Neil and Jo Ginger from Ginger video explain how working with our team of experts has helped them to develop and improve their planning skills and so much more.

Dynamiq Management Ltd: Testimonial

Here Rob Cao (MD of Dynamiq Management Ltd) explains how working with our team has helped to build both his self confidence, and his confidence within his business.

Jackie Kerr Recruitment: Testimonial

Here Jackie Kerr (MD of Jackie Kerr Recruitment) explains how working with  Chalkhill Blue has helped to transform her business. 

Alfresco: Testimonial

Here Mark Toovey explains just some of the reasons he enjoys working with Chalkhill Blue, and how his business has transformed with the help of our experts

Our Team

Here a handful of clients describe what it's like to work with Chalkhill Blue team, and how our coaches have helped them to unlock the true potential of their businesses. 

Client Testimonials

"My profits are up by nearly 50%, I have a growing team, I have that daily support when I need it... All my staff are happy, and I'm happy"

"Not only has working with Chalkhill Blue benefited the business, in terms of giving it control of growth, but also from a personal development point of view... It's helped my confidence in who I am and what I can do with the business"

90 Day Planning - "We know what we need to be achieving weekly, monthly, and quarterly.. We wholeheartedly, & always do recommend Chalkhill Blue"
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